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Dentures A New Smile is committed to providing the best quality information while providing a wide range of options for the patient to consider. They strive to provide each individual with the most up-to-date and complete information that is available to the consumer.

Smile Dentures

Many people, who have had problems with their teeth for years, forget what it is like to smile with confidence. After being fitted with the correct dentures, they can smile and laugh without hesitation. They are so proud of the way their dentures look and how well the contours of their face are filled out, they are proud to show off a beaming smile for everyone while looking and feeling years younger with their new image. Dentures A New Smile is about getting information out to people who now need to find out what is important when choosing a correct dentist to meet their needs in providing dentures to them. Getting a new set of dentures can boost the confidence of so many people, while making it a rewarding experience for the dental team when they see what a difference they can make in someone’s life.

Dentures A New Smile

Dentures A New Smile - Denture FabricationWhen choosing the best dentures or false teeth, there are many considerations and options available with which to choose from. Dentures are divided into two groups: full plate and partial. The full plate is used when there are no teeth left in the mouth. They must have a proper fit in order to produce the suction necessary to hold the standard dentures in place.

Partial plate is used when there is a need to replace one missing tooth or several. The partial requires that there be some teeth left to attach the partial to, either permanently or as a removable bridge.

There are also conventional and immediate dentures to choose between. The conventional dentures are made after the gums have healed from the prior extractions, usually six to eight weeks earlier. This allows for some healing and shrinkage of the gums before impressions are taken. The dentures are then made for the patient. There are always minor adjustments to make, usually over a few weeks until the dentures are feeling comfortable.

For immediate dentures, impressions are made before the extraction of the teeth in the patient’s mouth. This allows things like upper dentures to be made and ready for insertion as soon as the extractions are completed. The patient is normally advised to wear the new dentures for a couple of days before removing them for the first time. With this method, there are normally more visits for adjustments as the swelling decreases and healing begins. The advantage to immediate dentures is the patient does not have to be without teeth for any period of time.

Dentures Cost

Each patient is different and will require a visit with the dentist who will determine what the best course of action should be. This will include:

• Dental x-rays for any remaining teeth

• Check the stability of the remaining teeth

• Determine if there is evidence of periodontal disease

• Make a determination if any remaining teeth need to be extracted

• Determine if some of the remaining teeth can withstand root canals to attach partial dentures to

Other considerations the dentist will speak with the patient about are what type of dentures they need or want:

• Full set of standard dentures or over dentures

• Partial dentures also known as a bridge

• Removable or permanent partial dentures

• Dental implants

Once the dentist completes their exam, they will detail which options are available to the patient. A written estimate will also be provided at this time with an explanation of the charges associated with the different procedures.

Denture Implant

Dentures A New Smile - Ensuring The FitMany patients are opting for dental implants because they are the closest match to natural teeth. Titanium mounts are inserted into the jawbone while under anesthesia. Depending on the situation, the patient may have one small titanium mount for one missing tooth or a few well-placed mounts to hold an entire dental plate, making their dentures permanent and look less like fake teeth. Patients are able to bite into an apple or eat corn on the cob with no problems. At a good denture implant clinic, the caring and efficient staff will make the transition to dental implants as painless and easy as possible for all their patients. All aspects of denture implants will be fully explained and how to maintain them the same way as their regular teeth.

Denture Care

When the patient receives their dentures for the first time, they will be given complete instructions in the cleaning and soaking process to keep smile alights clean and sparkling white. Proper denture care will prevent bacteria from growing in and around the dentures, causing microscopic damage to the teeth and material used in making smile dental dentures.

Day Dentures

Dentures A New Smile recommends that everyone carefully select any dentist that advertises cheap dentures in one day. Although this is a great way to replace a broken denture, they are not always the custom fit afforded by a regular dentist.

With today’s new technologies and materials for making dentures, it is very important to be armed with as much information as possible before making that first visit to the dentist. Dentures A New Smile is now filling that gap with all the information and knowledge that someone will need when the time comes for their need of affordable dentures.